Risk Reduction Checklist

Within the IATG, the tasks and activities necessary for safe, efficient and effective stockpile management equate to one of three risk levels. These are indicated within each IATG as either LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 or LEVEL 3, dependent on the degree of complexity of each task or activity.

Determine the Risk Reduction Process Level(RRPL) for a stockpile by answering the questions below, then clicking on the "Estimate Risk" button at the bottom of the page.

  1. This question is considered "critical" for RRPL LEVEL 1.
  2. This question is considered "critical" for RRPL LEVEL 2.
  3. This question is considered "critical" for RRPL LEVEL 3.

The Risk Reduction Checklist is meant to support a structured approach of risk evaluation and follows the concept of the 3 risk reduction process levels implemented in the IATGs.

This tool is used to assess an ammunition stockpile's risk level. The goal of a conventional ammunition stockpile management organisation should be to make sure that stockpile management processes are maintained at Risk Reduction Process Level 1 as a minimum. Ongoing and gradual improvements should then be made to the stockpile management infrastructure and processes as staff development improves and further resources become available.

RRPLs are determined by calculating a weighted score of all the questions answered about an ammunition stockpile site. To achieve a given RRPL, a site's score must meet or exceed the appropriate score threshold and all "critical" questions for the RRPL must be satisfactorily answered.