The UN SaferGuard Self-assessment toolset is comprised of seven tools which adopt a capability maturity model approach to support assessing a State’s through-life ammunition management capabilities at all levels (strategic, operational and technical) in line with IATG module 01.35. The tools allow for identifying needs and gaps as well as entry points for strengthening organizational capability for safe, secure and effective through-life management. The tools have been developed for the UN SaferGuard Programme to support the dissemination and application of the IATG. Development of the tools was led by the Ammunition Management Advisory Team (AMAT), with financial support from Switzerland, in-kind support from Austria and benefiting from technical input from a dedicated Expert Working Group (made up of representatives from the IATG technical review board and other national experts, specialists from UN agencies, and implementers).


Comprehensive self-assessment tool

This tool provides States with the means of conducting a top-level assessment of organizational capabilities for safe, secure and sustainable through-life ammunition management, in line with IATG 1.35. The tool can also be used by international actors as a comprehensive assessment following an assistance request to identify entry points for support and the design of assistance packages. 


Ammunition Storage Area (ASA) assessment tool

The purpose of this tool is to provide a structured means of assessing the efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and security of the practices employed in storing ammunition at the ASA level. The tool assists in systematically examining the application of specific standards and requirements for safe and secure storage of ammunition, taking into measures set forth in the IATG.


Explosive Store House (ESH) assessment tool

The tool facilitates the assessment of a single ESH to identify compliance with IATG storage guidelines, potential areas of improvement, or safety and safety risks. It provides a structured approach to assess the condition and functionality of infrastructure, ammunition storage practices, and the implementation of safety and security measures.


Ammunition storage of TCC/PCC (forthcoming)

This tool provides a means of assessing both facilities and processes used in the safe and secure storage of ammunition by UN agencies/personnel and TCC/PCC. The tool assists in systematically examining the application of specific standards and requirements for safe and secure storage of ammunition, taking into measures set forth in relevant UN documents, manuals and the IATG.


Processing and demilitarisation assessment tool (forthcoming)

The tool provides a means for accessing both the facilities and processes involved in ammunition processing and disposal. It allows for a systemic and structured approach to examining compliance with safe and secure processing and disposal activities in line with the IATG.


Training needs & impact analysis tool (forthcoming)

This tool provides an approach for stakeholders to analyze the conditions, resources, and support mechanisms that are necessary for ammunition management-related training to be successful. It allows for the identification of institutional and organizational barriers and gaps in technical competencies that hinder the effectiveness of training and insights into means for addressing them.


Strategies assessment tool (forthcoming)

This tool provides a practical means to assess a State’s strategy for through-life ammunition management. It systematically assesses if the strategy encompasses all crucial aspects of ammunition management within the specific national context. The tool allows decision-makers to identify gaps in the strategy and to make informed adjustments to enhance the overall effectiveness of ammunition management efforts at the national level.