Create an Explosives Limit License

Explosive Limit License calculates the maximum allowed amount of stored ammunition for a certain PES-ES configuration. The given amounts for each HD apply for the theoretical maximum for each HD stored in isolation. Aggregation rules for mixed storage of different HDs are not considered.

The storage of military explosives presents inherent risks to nearby persons and property. A national authority shall therefore have a legal responsibility to ensure that during their storage the explosives present risks that are both tolerable and as low as reasonably practicable (the ALARP principle) should an explosive event occur. 

One of the most efficient means of reducing risk and thereby contributing towards protecting the public from the effects of an explosive event is by the use of separation distances. These ensure that people and facilities are always at a tolerably safe distance from the explosives during storage and handling.  Such distances should be appropriate, recorded and promulgated in the form of an Explosives Limit License (ELL) for each individual explosive storehouse (ESH) or facility.

IATG 02.20 - Quantity and Separation Distances

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Create an Explosives Limit Licence

Section 1 — Acceptance of risks and limitations

Review the following risks and check each box to accept them:

Section 2 — Potential Explosion Site (PES)

Section 3 — Exposed Sites (ES)

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